Urgent notice: Home Office offers of ‘voluntary departure’ to Rwanda

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We have received reports that the Home Office is calling people to offer ‘voluntary departure’ to Rwanda. 

This scheme is separate to the initial Rwanda policy (which was defeated in the Supreme Court), the Rwanda Treaty which was recently signed by the Home Secretary, and the Safety of Rwanda Bill which is currently being rushed through Parliament. 

Instead, this ‘voluntary departure’ scheme is similar to the current ‘voluntary returns’ procedure where the Home Office offers people money to return to their country of origin, except, instead of returning to their country of origin, the Home Office is offering people £3,000 each to move to Rwanda and start a new life there instead. We believe that this scheme is being offered to people whose asylum claims have been ‘refused’ in the UK. 

We have limited information about this initiative at this time, but we recommend the following if the Home Office calls you with this offer:

  1. You do NOT have to say yes. It is a ‘voluntary’ scheme (it is optional). 
  2. Do NOT respond until you have legal advice. 
  3. Ask the Home Office to send the offer to you in writing (via a letter or email).
  4. Try to find legal representation. 

We know that it is hard to find a lawyer at this time, but you can use the tools in our ‘Lawyers’ Toolkit page to help. 

We will keep our community updated as we learn more

2 comments on “Urgent notice: Home Office offers of ‘voluntary departure’ to Rwanda

  1. Alison Carter on

    Thank goodness for your amazing and much needed up to date – highly professional advice and information.

    Your work is exemplary and sooooo needed.

    Thank you in abundance.

    I am about to embark on a Refugee Care, MA, distance learning course run by the magnificent Essex University Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Department under the leadership of the highly regarded Professor Renos Poppadopoulos.

    Having been signed up to you for some time now has proved invaluable as I have learned so much and donated and drawn awareness to others of your work.

    I am forwarding on this to all I know who already actively work in this area.

    This Government is pure evil. It lacks all humanity.


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