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Opelo with wings

Opelo Kgari and her mother have lived in the UK for 14 years – since Opelo was just 13. For almost three months they’ve been detained at Yarl’s Wood detention centre, uncertain of their future.

Please sign and share this petition calling for their freedom.

Opelo took a leading role in the month long #HungerForFreedom strike at Yarl’s Wood, that captured international attention. The Home Office have twice tried to deport her, with the last attempt was last week.

Last month she wrote about the strike, saying:

“My mum and I are working for freedom from these walls to live a normal life and be with our friends again. But I know in my heart that none of us are truly free until we are all free.”

A decision to allow them to stay would be a first step towards achieving a more humane immigration system based on fairness and decency. Please sign and share the petition.


3 comments on “Support Opelo and Florence Kgari

  1. Jane Cholmeley on

    Stop this hostile attitude. show some decency and humanity. Please allow Opelo and Florence Kgari to remain in the UK. And at the very least stop imprisoning them in Yarlswood

  2. Gary willow on

    I feel for you soul sister, I married(in this country) the love of my life and now married 15 years with five children between us. Still fighting the home office and still subject to restrictions.
    Two stepsons from my wife Thembi and one boy I have loved and brought up since he was 5. My love is not subject to any restrictions as it is unconditional in my eyes. This is my family and are separate from law by my love. Keep strong, we only answer to God.
    All this suffering we suffer from a proclamed Christian country. Jesus would weep.

  3. Carl on

    I heard your story today on the bbc, and I must say you carried your self and told your story with dignity and pride. I’m so sorry that you and your mother have had to live under this threat. What this country needs is more young people like yourself. I can’t believe that my government has put you through this. Keep fighting with all your heart because justice is on your side. I only wish that this nightmare could be over for you and you could catch up with the waisted years.. You have so much to give and never forget that.


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