A glimpse inside our workshop with Scottish Refugee Council 


On 29 November 2023, Right to Remain hosted a workshop with the Scottish Refugee Council. This session was delivered online to staff across the Scottish Refugee Council’s various projects. This workshop was designed to increase familiarity with Right to Remain’s resources, with a focus on how to use and share the Toolkit in casework contexts. This workshop forms part of the Scottish Refugee Council’s mission to move to a more systemic approach to information sharing. 

With this aim in mind, we started the session with a run through of the Right to Remain resource suite, including our regular Legal Updates, our ‘serious board game’: the Asylum Navigation Board, and the Young Asylum Guide – a guide through the asylum system for unaccompanied children. Finally we introduced our flagship resource: the Toolkit itself. 

It was valuable to have this opportunity to point out that the Toolkit is expanding its non-asylum immigration content. The Toolkit is a resource covering not only asylum related topics, but also questions regarding other immigration routes. 

In our second exercise, we introduced the difference between legal advice and legal support. We considered the nuances of the Scottish context: in which it is far easier to get a legal aid lawyer than in England. This exercise is designed to give participants confidence about providing legal support, using the Toolkit as a guide.

Thank you to the Scottish Refugee Council for inviting us to run this workshop, and for contributing so enthusiastically during the interactive exercises!

To enquire about booking a workshop for your organisation in 2024, you can fill out our workshop request form. 

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