Asylum Research Centre reports on the treatment of LGBTQI+ people

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In August 2023, the Asylum Research Centre released a series of reports, commissioned by the UNCHR, on the treatment of the LGBTQI+ community in Egypt, Tunisia and Uganda.

Using research from January 2020 to July 2023, the reports detail the legal framework, behaviour from state and non-state actors, and treatment of LGBTQI+ individuals, organisations and human rights defenders in each of these countries. The reports are intended to be used as a tool to identify relevant Country of Origin Information (COI). 

In an asylum or human rights claim, and in some types of immigration applications, you may need to provide objective evidence to the Home Office about your country of origin (or country of normal residence). 

Objective evidence is evidence from independent, trusted sources such as human rights organisations or well-known and respected media networks. It is about your country of origin, or particular people in your country that is not based on what you or people you know personally say is the situation. 

The Asylum Research Centre’s reports on the treatment of LGBTQI+ people can serve a useful purpose for people seeking asylum in the UK. The reports can be used as object evidence to support asylum claims, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or you are making a fresh claim. 

Disclaimer: the report is not a substitute for individualised case-specific research and should not be submitted in isolation as evidence to refugee-decision making authorities.

Click to read the report on Egypt

Click to read the report on Tunisia

Click to read the report on Uganda

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