Right to Remain Impact Report 2022/23!


We are excited to share with you the Right to Remain Impact Report 2022/23!

It was a year of building solidarity and connections, amidst shocks which ripped through our community of people seeking asylum, migrants and our allies. 

Our community’s anxiety levels shot through the roof with the Rwanda plan, the Nationality and Borders Act, the Illegal Migration Act and wholesale attacks on our rights and dignity. 

We remain defiant. We expanded the scale and the breadth of our public legal education work via the Toolkit. We supported lived-experience led community organising. Our work disseminating clear, accurate and accessible information about the asylum and immigration legal system continued to play a key role in the field boosting our community’s ability to secure their right to remain and challenge the injustice of the system.    

The year was also a new chapter in Right to Remain’s history, as our team structure changed. In addition to the new roles of Director and Legal Education Officer, we also welcomed a second Legal Education Officer, Engagement and Operations Officer and Communications and Campaigns Assistant (Intern). 

Eiri Ohtani, Right to Remain’s Director said:

“I am extremely proud of all that Right to Remain’s micro team has achieved during 2022/23, which has paved the way for our work this year. 

Hundreds of organisations, large and small, across the UK rely on our public legal education work. At least a third of a million people are using our Toolkit, online on a regular basis, including legal advisors, solicitors, barristers, statutory organisations, local authority staff, health care workers, social workers, host families, researchers, students, politicians and of course people going through the asylum and immigration system. 

We know knowledge of the system will always remain central to the migration justice movement, because you need to understand the system in order to fight it. We want to build our community’s collective capability and power, as the first step to challenge and change the system.

We also recognise the existential threat that our community is facing now and we are determined to step up. Our Impact Report shows some of the work we began in 2022/23, to start preparing for our collective future. 

I urge everyone who thinks they already know Right to Remain to read this report. I guarantee there will be something in the report that will surprise you.

Finally, we take this opportunity to thank our community of migrants, refugees, people seeking asylum and everyone else who stands in radical solidarity with us and has joined our journey to create a world where no one is illegal. You gift us with courage, and are the reason we fight on.

If you want to have a chat about any aspect of the Impact Report, please get in touch with Eiri at eiri(at)righttoremain.org.uk

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