The journey of our Toolkit flyers, so far


Over the past months, the Right to Remain team has been distributing our brand new Toolkit leaflets to various groups across the country.

In February 2023, we announced our new and improved Toolkit flyers. They now include QR codes that can be scanned with your phone camera to take you to important information, such as the Toolkit homepage and 5 things to note before using the Toolkit.

While our team has been busy working on our Toolkit Festivals, including our upcoming festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we have simultaneously been trying to get our Toolkit to reach those who really need it. 

We want to ensure people and groups working with those going through the complex asylum and immigration system are aware of our Toolkit, and can be supported whether or not they have a lawyer – which is particularly important during this legal aid crisis. We want everyone the community to be able to access it.

Huge thanks to Alice Haworth-Booth for her patience and talent in bringing our vision for the new flyers to life!

How have we done so far?

  • Since February, over 15,000 Toolkit flyers have been handed out across the country. 
  • We have reached around 335 organisations and groups working closely with migrant communities. 
  • We built new connections with organisations in Devon, Belfast and Bradford, which we previously had no contact with. 
  • We reached out to regions we hadn’t reached before, including parts of Sussex, Devon, and Worcester – which we will be heading to next month for our sixth Toolkit Festival.

But, we still have a long way to go! Our goal is to continue reaching out to organisations, groups and regions we have not had contact with yet. We want to ensure everyone is informed and up to date with changes in the legal system, because Knowledge is Power.

If you are an organisation or part of a region which we haven’t yet reached out to, please contact our Engagement and Operations Officer Esther Doherty at esther(at) 

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