Our T-shirts are made for radical solidarity

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They are finally here.

You might have seen our campaigners and staff team wearing our brand-new These Walls Must Fall T-shirts, lovingly made by us. Today, we are making five of them available to five supporters.

In addition, we are also making our ever-popular No One Is Illegal T-shirts available to five supporters too.

They are perfect for resisting, showing up, organising, building power, radical solidarity, to protect all of us.

The T-shirts are available at Solidarity rate (£20) or Super Supporter rate (£30+).

Please note that we are not selling them on our online shop because we have a very limited number of T-shirts available.

Interested? If so, you need to write to us in an old-fashioned way to let us know.

Here’s how you do it.

Email contact@righttoremain.org.uk before 5pm Monday 4 July with the subject line ‘T-shirt’. In your email, please provide the following information. (We are very sorry, we won’t be able to reply to any emails on this topic received after the deadline.)

Your name

The type of T-shirt you need (These Walls Must Fall or No One Is Illegal)

The T-shirt size you need (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large)

If you are chosen as one of the lucky 10 supporters, we will email you to ask for more information. Please note that on this occasion, we can only post the T-shirts to UK addresses.

We are hoping that our T-shirts give you extra energy to fight for a better world.