We are Right to Remain


Right to Remain team. (from left to right: Maggy, Yumna, Eiri, Vee and Michael)

Over the last few months, we have been busy putting in place a new team structure at Right to Remain.

We want to generate light and hope in this darkening world of multiple catastrophes, in our common struggle against the state violence and racism of the immigration and asylum system.

We want to build on our ever popular Toolkit, a lifeline and a tool of defence for many individuals and communities who are struggling to establish right to remain in Britain. Last year alone, over a quarter of a million people accessed our Toolkit on-line in order to navigate Britain’s hostile asylum and immigration system.

We want to take our movement building work, These Walls Must Fall, to a new height, crystallising and consolidating our thinking, experiences and reflection from the past years. Our migrant and refugee campaigners, the people at the sharp end, the grassroots and their allies in cities across Britain are getting ready for new challenges.

By bringing together these strands of work, and more through radical solidarity, Right to Remain will strive to create an alternative world where everyone can exercise their right to remain with dignity and humanity, where they need to be. No doubt it will be a long struggle, but we are here with others to build a world that protects everyone.

Right to Remain team salutes everyone who is in this struggle and we look forward to building power with you. Do get in touch if you want to work with us for a better world.

In solidarity

Eiri Ohtani, Director

Maggy Moyo, Organiser

Michael Collins, Coordinator

Vee Smith-Uka, Organiser

Yumna Kamel, Legal Education Officer

We need practical actions that make a difference to a person that day, we need bolder acts that disrupt the operating of the system that harms so many; and we also need to argue for a different way, a different society, a different world in which we recognise that Migration is Life.”

Lisa Matthews (Right to Remain’s previous Coordinator)


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