We’ve created new language pages which have all the sections of the Right to Remain Toolkit that have been translated into that language in one place.

A new audio-video resource, based on the Right to Remain Toolkit and made with help from our friends MaMa in Liverpool.

The guide was created in partnership with families who access Hackney Migration Centre, and Project 17, Akwaaba, Nelma, Migrants Rights Network and Together With Migrant Children.

I have never been on a demonstration at 9am on a Tuesday morning before. Would everybody else be at work or in bed? Would more than 2 people and a dog turn up? But my worries were small compared to the anxiety that Marian was feeling today.


Since January 2015, nearly 1,700 applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK from people with Tier 1 leave to remain have been refused by the Home Office, under paragraph 322(5) of the immigration rules.

In a blog post for Pluto Press, Agatha Sibanda explains why she is campaigning with These Walls Must Fall in Liverpool.

We have revamped the Right to Remain Toolkit, creating a new page that looks just at “Article 8” family/private life cases – a type of human rights application for the right to remain in the UK.

In this context, we are talking about someone seeking the right to stay in the UK because they need medical treatment that is not available to them in their country of origin.

Cases involving human rights/medical grounds are particularly complicated, and often very distressing. 

Solidarity is at the heart of Right to Remain’s work. But what does this word mean?

We asked the asylum and migrant groups that we work with, across the UK, to tell us what “solidarity” means to them.

Here’s what they said, in videos and quotes.

It’s great to hear about the Toolkit in action!

Here’s Abid Haq, solicitor at Neil Barnes Solicitors in Glasgow, on how he uses the Toolkit with his clients.