Tomorrow is International Migrants Day and actions in support of the Stansted 15 are planned in cities in Britain and Ireland.

We wrote for Red Pepper about local support groups that have set up systems to provide practical ‘signing support’ across the UK.

Leading Northern Irish politicians, human rights groups, academics, journalists and activists have expressed their “deep concern and disagreement” with Monday’s ruling against fifteen human rights activists who “acted to stop a brutal, secretive and barely legal deportation flight” at Stansted airport in March 2017.

The Stansted 15 successfully grounded a mass deportation charter flight in March 2017 by locking themselves down in front of the aircraft’s wheel.

They were convicted for preventing this charter deportation flight through peaceful direct action.

There are protests in several cities to show solidarity with the Stansted 15.

Immediate response to ruling against the Stansted 15 The Stansted 15 have been convicted for preventing a charter deportation flight through peaceful direct action. Today’s… Read more »

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Lawyers have successfully challenged the Home Office’s decision to try and return two vulnerable people to Italy.

Human rights campaign group Liberty have launched a new report, which reveals the full extent of backroom data-sharing deals between key government departments and the Home Office, focussing on health, education and policing.

Usman Khalid from Music in Detention writes about the role of the arts in developing strategies around radical hospitality.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have launched two research reports and recommendation on access to healthcare for those seeking asylum. The recommendations call for a clear separation between immigration proceedings and the provision of healthcare services.