New updated leaflet from the brilliant Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens on children and their rights to British citizenship – for parents, carers and children.

We are recruiting! A new one day per week role in Manchester, supporting the These Walls Must Fall campaign. Deadline is Friday 22 March.


Yesterday, the High Court suspended the Home Office policy of “removal windows” after a successful legal challenge by the organisation Medical Justice (represented by the Public Law Project and Doughty Street Chambers).

Ultimately, the real solution to this distressing ordeal is to end immigration detention altogether.

Until then, there are practical things that people can and should be doing if they or someone they know is at risk of detention.

Members of parliament (MPs) can raise your case with the Home Office or, if appropriate, the Immigration Minister or Home Secretary directly. This could be if you have received a negative decision, have been waiting a very long time for a decision and want a response, if you are detained, or if you are facing removal/deportation.

On Saturday 9th March, 2019, a demonstration, No Borders in Maternity Care, will gather at St Michael’s maternity hospital at midday and march to Bristol Royal Infirmary.

If you have evidence you wish to submit to the Home Office to consider as a fresh claim after you are “appeal rights exhausted”, in most cases you need to make an appointment to submit the evidence in person at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool.

Last week, a group of civil society organisations released a report that raises acute concerns about the discrimination and violence against asylum seeking women in the UK.

Launched this week, this “zine” is a hand-made guide about preparing in case you are detained.

This week in Sheffield, Rosie (activist and zine-maker extraordinaire) launched her brand new zine, a handmade rough guide to immigration detention, for those at risk and their supporters.