We’ve made this short video to show you how to use the online version of the Right to Remain Toolkit.

The government has just announced that Campsfield detention centre (near Oxford) will close by May 2019!

“This is a big step forward for the anti-detention movement, after years of hard campaigning by many, with experts-by-experience at the fore.”

“In response to peaceful protest, the Home Office resorted to using the military to enforce the brutal policies of the Hostile Environment.”

Home Office now using military base for deportation flights.

Tienga Ngale is co-chair of the Right to Remain management committee. Here he writes about how the support he has given to and received from different communities kept him going through his most difficult situations.

Seeking asylum in the UK can be a difficult process. People often feel that they are alone or isolated. It can be a long period of uncertainty.

With Dr Victoria Canning (of Bristol University), we have developed the “Right to Remain asylum navigation board”. 

Image from www.blackbirdtree.org.uk Not everyone has the right for their asylum claim to be heard in the UK.  If you are an adult and you claim… Read more »

It’s difficult enough understanding a court judgment in your own case or for someone you know, and understanding important case law is even tricker.  Other case law – country guidance cases, or important cases that set out the right procedure or application of legal principles or policies – may have important implications in your case or a case you are involved in.  Without knowing the case well, and only having the written judgment to go on, it can be difficult to know what a significant case means and how you may be able to apply it to your situation.

At one of the training sessions we ran this week with volunteers who are keen to learn more and do more for people seeking the right to remain in the UK – we looked at evidence.  What ‘evidence’ means, in the context of asylum, immigration and human rights cases.  How someone can get this evidence, and how others can help them.  We discussed how important documentary evidence is, when so many legal cases are refused on the basis of credibility – the Home Office or the courts don’t believe you are telling the truth.

Between them, the Freed Voices group have lost over 20 years to detention in this country. “Freed Voices stand in solidarity with the 15 brave individuals who are facing trial for taking part in a peaceful protest and stopping a charter flight at Stansted airport..”

Stand in solidarity with the Stansted 15 defendants at Chelmsford Court! Their trial began a month ago and is still ongoing. On Monday 5th November groups will be offering support, and showing their opposition to Home Office deportations.