Knowledge is Power Online Workshop – Thursday 12 January 2023, 10:00-12:30


Start your 2023 with Right to Remain’s Knowledge is Power workshop! Learn about how best to use our Toolkit, the stages of the asylum system – and crucially how to support people going through the asylum and immigration system without giving legal advice. 

Knowledge is Power is Right to Remain’s flagship online workshop series, designed to assist an increasing number of people who are new to the asylum and immigration system and new to the Toolkit.   

Accessed by over a quarter of a million users a year, our Toolkit is free to use. It’s for people who want to learn more about the legal process, or a particular part of the legal process. You might be making an application or are thinking about it, or you might be helping someone else to do so.

It has been said many times over the years that people find it extremely difficult to find a lawyer – currently there is no solution in sight to this problem. Many people also spend a long time caught up in the system because of a huge backlog at the Home Office.

Right to Remain’s Toolkit exists to empower people who are going through the system and their supporters to know more and take practical steps to progress cases. We are stepping up our efforts to make the Toolkit available to more people.

What will the workshop cover?

  • An overview of the stages of the asylum system, including the changes made by the Nationality and Borders Act. 

We reviewed the workshops we ran in 2022 and decided to make the following changes:

  • We have now introduced small fees for volunteers and workers of funded organisations to attend our workshops. Our past free workshops in 2022 always had double the number of bookings, compared to the number of people who actually attended. We hope this system will allow our very small staff team to plan their work and allocate their time more efficiently. 
  • But don’t worry – people who are currently going through the asylum and immigration system and volunteers of unfunded organisations can continue to attend our workshops for free
  • The number of participants is now capped at 25, to enable more interactions. We are also accepting a maximum of 2 people per organisation to ensure that the workshop content is available to a wider pool of people. 
  • Each workshop (2.5 hours) is now longer than previously (our previous workshops were for 1.5 hours). This is to include more content and make it more interactive, to facilitate a better learning experience. Don’t worry – we will take breaks!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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